Speak Up, Stand Out: How to keep authetics as a female recruiter and be part of creating an inclusive culture in your firm

Women in Recruitment


Join us for this week’s ‘Speak Up, Stand Out’ series, where we will be joined by Nicky Acuna Ocana, Managing Director, Ambition and Natasha Clarke, Chair, Women in Recruitment.

At the start of Nicky’s recruitment career there were few inspirational female role models and she was modelling herself on male behaviours. This wasn’t making her happy and it was only when she started to be true to herself that she started to really enjoy her job and become a more successful leader.

Thankfully, there are more women now who have achieved great careers in recruitment and are positive role models and many women want to support and help each other in their careers. It is important to recognise that you might at some stage need or decide to tread water in your career and recognise that if the firm you are with won’t support that, they aren’t the right firm to work for.

If you feel you have become disillusioned with some of your current leadership and want to be re-energised, this will be a really useful webinar for you. It will get you thinking about how you can impact your business and start to influence change. It is also a must watch for anyone passionate about being inclusive in the way they work and the people they work with.

Nicky will give you real insight into the following:

The road won’t be a straight upward trajectory, there will be lumps and bumps on the way and at times you may need to tread water to manage a work/life balance.

How to stay true to yourself and not get pulled into a culture of a firm that is toxic, remaining authentic and remembering there are lots of firms out there which will have the right culture for you. Working in a diverse, inclusive environment will make for a more positive culture.

With hard work, determination and mentoring, you can and will achieve your personal career goals. A mentor is without doubt a key to fulfilling your potential.

Nicky Acuna Ocana, Managing Director, Ambition and Natasha Clarke, Chair, Women in Recruitment

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