HMRC Amendment Reaction

IR35 Forum Members respond

Following Wednesday’s meeting at HMRC with the IR35 Forum members to discuss IR35 Shield’s findings that an errant clause might render umbrella firms redundant, Dave Chaplin, CEO of IR35 Shield said:

“We are delighted to see that HMRC is taking swift action to address the findings of IR35 Shield’s technical paper that could make payment intermediaries redundant.

“It shows that they have listened to our concerns that the legislation was unambiguous and that a change to primary legislation is vital in order to fix the issue.  I am delighted that our forensic approach to detail has been recognised and has prompted HMRC to now work with Parliament as a matter of urgency, lest it leave the door wide open for a tsunami of unscrupulous operators, which would cause further problems for our industry.

“The challenge now, however, will be drafting an amendment to the legislation that can be enacted into law before April 2021 when the new Off-Payroll rules come into effect.”

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