Leading from the front

The Global Recruiter talks to female entrepreneurs in the recruitment sector

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women from across the globe. The Recruitment Sector is lucky enough to boast many success women, who should act as an inspiration to fellow females both inside and outside of our sector.

As Sunday March 8th marked International Women’s Day, The Global Recruiter wanted to highlight some of the many inspirational female recruitment entrepreneurs who are building their future and laying a trial for others to follow. These are recruiters who hold to entrepreneurial values. They value grafting and determination because they believe that reward follows effort.

They are building great businesses and as we reflect on International Women Day’s about the many economic, cultural, social, and political triumphs by women in our sector it is worth remembering that these entrepreneurs are the very people our economy is all about. After six years in the recruitment industry Katie Leng decided she wanted to break out on her own. In October 2019 she launched her own agency, First2Education. Katie’s business was launched with backing and support from The Recruit Venture Group, the largest venture partner of their kind in the industry. Katie’s advice to other female recruiters is clear. “Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back,” she said. “I love the industry, am passionate about what I do and good at it; that’s enough to launch and grow a recruitment business. Too often we talk ourselves out of doing stuff, but what I have learned from launching my own business is just go for it.

“The days when launching a business was something few women did are, I am very pleased to say, very much behind us,” she added. “Hopefully through LinkedIn and the media we will hear more about successful female entrepreneurs within the recruitment niche which will encourage more women to break out on their own.” Katie is just one of many inspirational female business owners who have benefitted from backing and support from The Recruit Venture Group, who have helped over 60 recruiters to launch their own business.

The Recruit Venture Group is headed up by managing director Paul Mizen, who told Global Recruiter that it was great be able to help so many recruiters take the ultimate next step in their careers. “I always say that the best part of my job is being able to help people to do something extraordinary,” he explained. “Over the past year we have seen three businesses launched by high-performing female recruiters who have become successful entrepreneurs and are a real inspiration to other women within our industry. We also have another one on the way! “International Women’s Day is all about celebrating the success of women across the globe and it is great to have so many great women in business success stories to celebrate within The Recruit Venture Group. “My advice to anyone thinking, ‘could I do it on my own?’ is go for it,” he added.

Being an entrepreneur

GERA’s latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report for states that 70 per cent of people hold entrepreneurs in high regarded and enjoy a respected status in their societies.

Meanwhile, two thirds of people in the global economy consider entrepreneurship a good career choice. Perceptions of what being an entrepreneur means are changing, no longer is it a male dominated world with the likes of Karren Brady, Deborah Meaden and Michelle Mone paving the way for a new generation of fearless female entrepreneurs. Back in the recruitment sector, The Recruit Venture Group aren’t wasting any time. Three new ventures have already opened their doors in 2020, with one more on the way later this month. One of those businesses was launched by Nicki Jones and her business partner Simone Jones. Nicki had been in the industry for over 15 years when she decided to launch Knight & Jones Recruitment and she would not hesitate in recommending the sector to anyone: “In this industry, you get the chance to work with people and help people every day and that can be very rewarding,” she said. “Every day is different, it’s like a rollercoaster, you never know what each day is going to bring, you learn every day, it’s an ever changing market, so it keeps you on your toes,” Jones continued. “There is no room for complacency, but I would recommend the industry to anyone. You can build a long lasting rewarding career in recruitment. “My advice to other female recruiters, is if you have the experience, ambition, drive and confidence, then do it,” she adds. “It is hard and will take time, motivation and tenacity, but go with it and inspire others who are in your shoes.”

Equality measures

Equality is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue and we need more female entrepreneurs to make the leap from employee to business owner for economies and communities to thrive. Susan Roos, who launched Roos Recruitment with The Recruit Venture Group, admits it is hard work to launch and grow a recruitment business but it is also incredibly rewarding. “My advice to other women thinking of launching a recruitment business would be to treat the business like it is your desk – just there will be more than one desk,” she said. “Secure a good team, set yourself and your team clear objectives, monitor and develop and in time your business will grow. “It will not happen overnight, it will take time and it will be hard work. You will make mistakes and make bad decisions but learn from them. Always remember why you made the decision to do it for yourself!” Roos says the biggest highlight for her has been rebranding from Jark (Norwich) Ltd to Roos Recruitment in September 2018, creating her own identity and brand whilst gaining the opportunity to work within different sectors, with the launch of construction planned for early 2020. The race is on for the gender equal boardroom and you can play your part by launching your own recruitment business. You could be toasting your own success on International Women’s Day in 2021!

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