Levin Success

Levin Group closes second year of trading, recording 664% CAGR since inception.

Having launched in July 2019, Levin Group has recorded impressive levels of success through serving hyper-growth sectors such as fintech, healthtech, greentech and retailtech with its businesses Storm2, Storm3, Storm4 and Storm5.

The Group employs close to 300 people globally after only two years, maintaining positive sales and headcount growth throughout the pandemic, with zero staff facing furlough or redundancy. Having opened offices in London, Singapore and Amsterdam, the multi award-winning Group plans to hire another 800 people in the next 12 months, with new offices planned across the USA, Europe and Asia.

CEO James Brown commented: “We believe that every company is becoming a tech company, so it stands to reason that the largest, most impactful recruitment companies in 5 to 10 years’ time will be exclusively tech recruitment businesses. Our mission is to become the global authority in these changemaker sectors, while building a highly rewarding, diverse and empowering culture for our own people.

“Our current end markets are expanding quickly, and we are only just scratching the surface,” he added, “we will look to apply our blueprint across new markets such as HRTech and EdTech among others. Who knows, in 5 years’ time we might have reached SpaceTech. I believe if something doesn’t sound crazy when you first say it, then you aren’t thinking big enough.”

Edward Ogden, lead investor from Puffin Point commented: “As the world accelerates towards the digitalisation of everything, Levin Group has positioned itself as the partner of choice with some of the most pioneering businesses and in just two years, the team have created a proven model that is both highly profitable and replicable across any disruptive Tech sector.

“To have scaled this quickly and to have the success they are having, is a testament to both the vision that James laid out in our first meeting as well as the team who are implementing it and we are delighted to be on this journey with them.”

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