Making the most of digital

Add value to your recruitment business through digitalisation.

Recruitment is a key sector for RSM and each year, we work with more than 250 recruitment clients of all sizes and stages of development, and a recurring priority is their digital strategy.

The time when digital and IT investment was a discretionary spend is long gone. It’s now seen as a must, to align with market expectations from employees, clients or candidates, and also to drive, understand and streamline a business.

This is true at all stages of a recruitment business’ life cycle, and increasingly essential in terms of planning for an exit.

However, with the rapid pace of development and huge range of options out there, we recognise this can be a challenge.

In this video series, we give insight into how digital transformation can enhance your recruitment business and should be central to achieving your strategic objectives.

We examine the following areas:

  • the importance of a digital strategy;
  • driving value from your data;
  • managing business risk;
  • cyber security;
  • driving efficiencies in using technology in your business;
  • leveraging ERP in digital transformation programmes; and
  • ESG and the recruitment sector.

The importance of a digital strategy

Technology is moving at an ever-increasing pace and understanding how the latest digital technologies and underlying data can benefit the recruitment sector can be overwhelming. We look at how a digital strategy can help you make sense of it and the key points that it should include.

The importance of a digital strategy – watch here: Making the most of digital | RSM UK

How can RSM help?

Wherever you are on your digital journey, we help you harness digital technology and your data to maximise enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

If you would like to discuss digital strategy for your recruitment business, please contact Neil Thomas or Alex Good.

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