Mergers and acquisitions in recruitment: KPMG’s advice for business owners

What is your long-term business outlook post-COVID-19? If you’re planning to take your business overseas or exit the market, our business partner KPMG can guide you.

We were joined by two senior directors from KPMG, Neil McManus who leads the London M&A team, and Shashi Prashad, Tax Director for Private Enterprises, to share the business advice they’re offering their clients in recruitment, and common pitfalls to look out for based on recent experiences.

You’ll hear about:

  • Big trends in the M&A market following COVID-19
  • What buyers are looking for when they assess recruitment businesses
  • What businesses should be doing to boost shareholder value
  • Key considerations for business leaders preparing for exit in 6/12/18 months
  • Essential tax advice for businesses going global or taking the road to exit
  • Advice for businesses thinking about their long-term finance and ownership structure

Find out more about how KPMG can support your recruitment business, visit or drop a line to Shashi Prashad at

Neil M:

“You’re going to see a combination of private equity and financial sponsors looking at recruitment as an industry and we’ll also see a level of interest from big strategic trade players.”

“You’ll see an increase in prevalence of private equity in the recruitment market.”

“Develop a three-year plan that’s built around the strategic agenda of the business looking at the geographies and sectors the business wants to get into.”


“From a risk and opportunities perspectives, it’s always worthwhile to look at the tax governance framework of the business at least twelve months prior to a formal exit. “

“Be well prepared. Consider all potential areas of tax leakage and shareholder value leakage that could take place way in advance of some form of formal process.”


  • Neil McManus, Director- London Region, KPMG
  • Shashi Prashad, Tax Director- Private Enterprise, KPMG @ShashiPrashad

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