Monster Collaboration for VideoMyJob

Together in Motion

Award-winning HR tech start-up VideoMyJob has created a collaboration with Monster to power Monster Studios. The new Monster Studios mobile app will give talent acquisition, recruitment and HR teams the power to record, edit and publish a video job ad in minutes. Video job ads enable recruiters and employer branding specialists to powerfully convey the benefits of a job opening, bring the workplace culture to life, and help create strong emotional connections.

VideoMyJob founder and CEO David Macciocca is delighted to be working with Monster and is excited about the opportunity for Monster Studios to improve recruiting efficiency and better enable human connection in the recruitment process.

“We have been paving the way for video job ads to play a bigger role in recruitment, building a world class video platform for recruitment teams to create, edit and share employee generated video,” he says. “To have a global job board like Monster leverage this technology to make it easy for companies to create a video job ad is exciting for us, and brings us closer to our vision of building a better candidate experience through the use of video.”

In a strong vote of confidence for video job ads, the collaboration on Monster Studios will enable some of the leading organisations in the world to scale the creation of video content to bring a more authentic, human element to recruitment.

In a recent article, Chris Cho, Monster’s chief product officer sums up the power of video in recruitment saying, “Video can tell and sell the story of your company’s brand and job opportunity better—and with greater dimensionality and authenticity—than text ever will.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the team at VideoMyJob to bring a leading solution to our customers,” said Cho. “They share our vision for the future of the job industry—one that includes utilising video to enhance the job search experience for recruiters and candidates, alike. We couldn’t ask for better collaborators as we explore the exciting ways that video can enable human connections between employers and candidates.”

With CISCO predicting that video will make up the majority of mobile internet traffic by 2021, Monster Studios is poised to level the playing field for recruitment on a global scale – raising the bar to create strong emotional connections and provide valuable insight for candidates.

The announcement comes after a successful year for the award-winning start-up, launching in the US in January as part of the Austrade’s Landing Pad program in San Francisco. Continuing momentum, VideoMyJob spent 90 days at Silicon Valley’s most respected start-up accelerator – Plug and Play Tech Centre and has experienced rapid growth enabling global brands to execute video recruitment strategies at scale.

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