Morgan McKinley links NPS score to employees’ career progression.

Promoting progress.

Back in 2013 and in the face of the GFC, Morgan McKinley joint managing directors Louise Langridge and Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg introduced the Net Promoter Score mechanism as a measure of business performance, linking it directly to business growth and long term success. Morgan McKinley has always been an organisation dedicated to delivering a quality service to candidates and clients alike, and wanted to put their money where their mouth was when it came to tracking this.

“When we conducted an Epifini strategic and operational diagnostic one of the priority areas that came out was the need for us to bring our purpose to life,” says Langridge. “Our purpose is ‘Improving Lives’, the lives of our people our clients and our candidates.

“To really bring this to life we ran a design thinking workshop with the whole organisation to help shape the strategy,” she adds. “To measure our progress we have tracked NPS scores at critical touch points in the process to identify how effectively we are actually improving the lives of our clients and candidates.”

“We want to ensure we are hiring and promoting people within our business who want to act as trusted advisors and share our purpose of Improving Lives,” echoes Harding-Farrenberg.

Morgan McKinley initially started measuring NPS on a whole business level and this has evolved over recent years. In 2018 Morgan McKinley introduced a new way of measuring this score, investing significantly in new technology to measure candidates’ and clients’ feedback in real time. They have since seen higher response rates and the new system enables Morgan McKinley to tweak and refine processes to take all feedback into account.

As well as tracking feedback from the organisations they work with, they wanted to gauge the service being delivered to candidates. In the industry there is often a focus on treating the client as ‘king’, given they pay the bills, however, Morgan McKinley believes in engaging in deeper career conversations with all their customers, whether candidate or client.

They therefore chose to extend the tracking of their NPS score further, requesting candidates’ feedback, and on two occasions – this ensures that follow up and service from consultants continues past the initial interview, somewhere many recruiters fall short.

Morgan McKinley is not only measuring the NPS score on a company wide level but is measuring the NPS score of their teams and individual recruitment consultants. Each consultant’s NPS results are linked to Morgan McKinley’s career progression framework, meaning that in order to receive a promotion, feedback needs to consistently remain at a high standard.

Morgan McKinley wants to ensure they are rewarding the right behaviours in their consultants, rather than focusing solely on billing revenue and the NPS mechanism acts as a check to make sure customers are getting the best experience.

Each quarter, Morgan McKinley recognises their top performer from a service excellence perspective along with the highest performing billers. It is fantastic to see a direct correlation between the company’s consistently highest performers and those with the top NPS scores.

The requirement to get promoted means the individual must have received more than five responses each quarter, and have a score of 40+. More than 22 employees have been promoted over the last 12 months, in a business of 50, and the top performer for 2018 (billing $1mill+) was also one of the highest NPS performers.

To tell ambitious employees in a sales-based environment they cannot get promoted unless they look after customers reinforces Morgan McKinley’s values driven approach and mission of ‘Improving Lives’. “Tying NPS to promotions shows consultants it’s not simply about billings, it’s about quality service and improving the lives of those they work with.”

Morgan McKinley are continuously working on improving their score, and this has already increased from 43.5 since July 2018. Given the NPS range of -100 to +100, a “positive” score or NPS above 0 is considered “good”, +50 is “Excellent,” and above 70 is considered “world class”, they are proud to say that they are currently sitting at an overall score of 52.9.


The company regularly promotes NPS score winners on their website:

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