New outplacement solution delivered to New Zealand organisations.

RiseSmart Provision

RiseSmart’s award-winning outplacement solutions have now been made fully available to New Zealand organisations wherever they operate. Offering both virtual and blended solutions, RiseSmart New Zealand provides expert career transition solutions to guide and inspire people through organisational and demographic change. RiseSmart offers personalised services and revolutionary technology which can accelerate the process of career transition and delivery of successful outcomes and at speeds at least 40 per cent faster than the national average.

Recognising that an “employee relationship economy” is on the rise, RiseSmart focuses on beginning-to-beginning solutions, providing a world of opportunity for employers and employees to achieve successful transitions faster than ever before.RiseSmart New Zealand is led by national director Aus / NZ – Alison Monroe – already known to many New Zealand organisations in her capacity as the former CEO of Sageco – career and mature age transition solutions. Sageco was acquired by Randstad in January 2017. Monroe, along with RiseSmart’s head of executive practice, Nan Dow, look forward to strengthening their connections with long-time clients and engaging other progressive organisations under the RiseSmart banner – starting mid-August with a series of client wisdom circles.

“RiseSmart’s approach is not simply about sourcing new jobs; it’s about creating careers. Organisations can rest assured that we will take care of their employees because we specialise in transitions: into, within, or out of organisations,” says Monroe. “Our holistic approach for all ages, all stages helps every employee go from new beginning to new beginning, whatever the trigger for change. By providing our unique and highly-effective combination of technology and human touch, our customers can uphold and protect their employer brand through times of enormous change and transformation.” RiseSmart, a Randstad company, strengthens Randstad’s comprehensive suite of HR services and talent solutions for the New Zealand market. Frank Ribuot, CEO of Randstad Australia & New Zealand says, “By introducing a truly differentiated offering that combines the best of what today’s technology has to offer in job search and a high personal touch, we look to become the outplacement market leader in all regions of the world. The RiseSmart platforms strengthens our sourcing, on-boarding, and talent management portfolio and reinforces our position as the leading HR partner as well as delivers tangible enhanced outcomes for the participants.”President and CEO of RiseSmart, Sanjay Sathe, agrees. “Combining the power of Randstad’s HR industry expertise and local connections with RiseSmart’s progressive outplacement offerings, allows us to offer our multinational customers highly-differentiated solutions and quantifiable results. We are proud to deliver on Randstad’s ‘Tech & Touch’ approach for outplacement, and I am delighted with the remarkable cross-country collaboration, which is making rapid deployment and global adoption of RiseSmart solutions possible.”

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