Rebranding for demand

RPO pioneer evolves to address new workforce approach.

Alexander Mann Solutions has rebranded, changing its name to AMS. The move has been made to reflect new ways of work and ties in with the company’s new approach workforce dexterity. The company is now directing its energy towards solutions which will help its clients build, reshape, and optimise their workforces, enabling them to reconfigure their talent and teams when faced with increased demands, new opportunities, and constant change.

“The workforce has evolved; how businesses manage this change will be the difference between success and stagnation,” said David Leigh, AMS chief executive officer. “Our clients are building for the future, and this means being boundless and global. We are helping them create workforces that are built faster, flex easily, and are quantified by skills, not heads.”

The pace of technological and social change has accelerated, creating new challenges for organisations managing their workforces. With the future uncertain and changing quickly at the same time, companies need to design workforces differently. This led AMS to develop workforce dexterity, an approach that allows companies to reconfigure their workforce for every opportunity, equipping them to anticipate and pivot in the face of change.

“We are proud of our heritage,” said Leigh, “having pioneered the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry 25 years ago, evolving to add contingent and advisory services, and today offering a total workforce solutions partner that integrates all these pieces. We are now pioneering workforce dexterity. It’s what the market demands and what companies need.”

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