Recruitment 4.0 – panels to provide perspective on recruitment future

The evolving industry from every side

The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit will feature panel discussions to give attendees the chance to hear from and question experts and practitioners from every side of the recruitment sector. Across the day there will be three panels featuring experts from the recruitment technology sector, recruitment agencies and, in association with the REC, end user/HR professionals.

The summit is free for recruiters to attend and you can register at:

The technology panels will feature speakers from leading industry technology suppliers including Bullhorn, CloudCall, Odro, and People Group, thereby bringing perspective from diverse types of technology. This session will offer an insight into the current technology available and trends in terms of development and use.

The recruitment agency panel will include input from Laurie Padua, Director of Global Consulting Services, Alexander Mann Solutions, Sarah Wall of Darwin Recruitment and James Wright, an executive search consultant, who recently wrote and presented a paper on AI and technology in recruitment for the Harvard Business Club. This panel will not just ask how technology is impacting on recruitment companies but give a clear indication of how such businesses will need to evolve to deliver great service in the future.

Finally, the HR/end user panel, run in association with the REC will give attendees the chance to hear from recruitment service clients. The panel will discuss how technology and Recruitment 4.0 is changing the way they source and manage talent in their organisations. Recruiters can learn what impact automation is having on major employers and consequently how their recruitment practices need to change in order for them to deliver a relevant and valuable service.

Recruitment 4.0 – The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit is held in London on 4th March and will be a unique opportunity for recruiters to understand how their business and industry is evolving. It’s a must-attend day, packed with the information and insight your business needs for a successful 2020 and beyond.

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