Reed take Covid role

Significant increase in Covid related searches for recruiter.

Job site is currently working with NHS Jobs to promote over 1,200 Covid-19 critical roles. These roles range from nurses and practitioners to radiographers, housekeepers and paramedics, as well as vital roles within the national vaccination programme. The increase in roles coincides with the rollout of the vaccine across the UK and demonstrates the NHS’s continued need for support in the fight against Coronavirus.

Jobseekers have shown a keen interest in supporting the health service through the pandemic, with a 2,544 per cent increase in Covid-19 related searches on in the first two weeks of January compared with the first two weeks of December. Terms such as ‘vaccinator’ and ‘Covid Tester’ were some of the most searched terms relating to the pandemic response during the first two weeks of January.

Healthcare assistants, nursing and occupational therapy positions are currently in the highest demand, followed by administrative roles such as receptionists and medical secretaries. Whilst the majority of Covid-19 roles waiting to be filled are for medical staff, there are also many non-medical roles available, such as those in administration and housekeeping – all of which play a vital role in keeping the public safe.

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