Revealed: The most successful Disney Princess.

Skilled royalty (fictional category).

As Frozen 2 snowballs into cinemas this weekend, it’s projected to become one of the most successful Disney movies of all time. Contemplating success, decided to find out which Disney princess could be as successful as their cinematic counterpart if they existed in the real world.  

To achieve this, identified seven popular Disney princesses and analysed their individual personality traits. Then, each princess was paired with an applicable real world job and corresponding salary.


Belle  Higher Education Lecturer 50,678
Moana Oceanographer 41,500
Ariel Marine Biologist 35,867
Elsa Ecologist and Environmental Planner 33,581
Cinderella Head Chef 30,375
Jasmine UN Soldier (Peacekeeper) 28,596
Snow White Early Years Teacher 26,000
  • Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Personality Traits: curious; independent; stubborn

With a love of books and a natural curiosity, Belle’s studious nature is suited to a career as a Higher Education Lecturer. Independent enough to undertake personal research projects, Belle’s stubborn flare will ensure she doesn’t give up before making a discovery! Luckily for Belle, Higher Education Lecturer is the best-paid role in the list, an average salary of over £50,000 per annum! 

  • Moana (Moana)

Personality Traits: headstrong; fearless; proud

At home on water, Moana could make it as an Oceanographer. The average starting salary for an Oceanographer is £21,500 and those experienced in the field can expect to earn around £41,500. Plus, with responsibilities like collecting samples and data from the sea, to attending conferences and going on research cruises, the headstrong and fearless princess can fulfil her desire to travel the world. 

  • Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Personality Traits: spirited; sensitive; bright

An expert in life under the sea, Ariel could earn up to £35,867 as a Marine Biologist. A spirited and bright princess, Ariel could put her love of exploring and collecting curiosities to the test in a Marine Biologist role, conducting species inventories and gathering samples. Her sensitive nature will assist in carrying out educational work and raising awareness of issues with the public. 

  • Elsa (Frozen)

Personality Traits: protective; regal; fierce

Born with complex powers, such as the ability to manipulate ice and snow, Queen Elsa of Arendelle could achieve great things as an Ecologist and Environmental Planner. After all, Ecologists help to protect and restore the natural environment and can inform us how human activity affects it all. An important message best voiced by someone of regal nature. A role like this makes around £33,581 per annum.

  • Cinderella (Cinderella)

Personality Traits: strong-willed; skilful; optimistic

Pretty much the biggest domestic goddess out there, Cinderella has a tremendous skillset. That coupled with her strong-willed nature makes her a contender for Head Chef. Calm under pressure, with infallible execution, Cinderella’s endless optimism will make sure things don’t go up in smoke. A Commis (Junior) Chef starts on a modest £16,340, but Head Chef can make £30,375 a year. 

  • Jasmine (Aladdin)

Personality Traits: free-spirited; intuitive; clever

Free of palace confinement, Princess Jasmine can use her past experience to help others as a UN Soldier (Peacekeeper.) Peacekeeping has proven to be one of the most effective tools in navigating the difficult path from conflict to peace, and Jasmine’s intuitive nature will no doubt guide her in providing the right support. The BBC claims, in the UK, a UN Soldier can expect monthly earnings of £2,383 (28,596 per annum.) 

  • Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Personality Traits: motherly; affectionate; gentle

A lifelong carer, Snow White’s motherly nature makes her a great fit for an Early Years Teacher. In fact, ensuring the health and safety of children, while helping them to develop curiosity and knowledge, will seem like a breeze after contending with 7 demanding men! £17,000 is the average starting salary for an Early Years Teacher, with experience increasing it to £26,000 per annum; the least-paid role in the list.  

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