How AI will impact the future of recruiting: A view.

Sankalp Mishra, content writer, Saven Global Services.

The topic of impact of machines and computers on workforce has become quite popular. With the development of technology at such rapid pace, companies have started looking for more productive ways of performing day-to-day tasks.

But, it is also not unknown that technology will soon surpass humans in terms of strength and speed. And with the development of AI, it is pretty evident that computers are turning smarter and can now perform more complicated tasks.

The Impact

Even though data related to the impact of AI on recruiters is not too reliable, but most of it presents a clear picture that HR professionals don’t have to worry about getting replaced by a computer. Yet, there are a lot of features that a recruitment software provides that can help streamline a recruiter’s work. These features include:

Keyword tracking

An AI-based recruitment software can easily scan through tons of resumes and select keywords related to the open position. With the help of this feature, recruiters can save a huge amount of time by avoiding going through every candidate’s resume.

Resume Parsing

By using a recruitment software you can easily check the details of each candidate. The software converts content from a resume into a profile that is consistently formatted.

Automated messaging

It is extremely necessary that candidates are updated about their application status whenever there is a progress in the recruitment process. With a recruitment software, you can choose from or add templates that are sent to the applicants at the right time, automatically.

But, AI never has the final say. Even though it has a significant effect on the recruitment process, AI still isn’t the decision maker. So, recruiters can stop worrying about being replaced. There are a lot of benefits of an AI-based recruitment software but it is not going to take the decisions as of now.

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