Robert Half show a workforce on the move

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Megan Alexander, general manager of Robert Half New Zealand said: “High levels of employee turnover can cause any company headaches in the form of not just lost productivity and revenue, but also increased stress levels and low morale for remaining staff. Because of this, it’s essential for companies to simultaneously make employee retention initiatives a top business priority and also secure a steady pipeline of skilled talent.”

“Every organisation’s success depends upon the strength of their staff which is why it is equally important for companies to have in place both a well-developed acquisition and retention policy.”
“Employee retention initiatives are most successful if they include a mix of wellbeing and recognition programs, plus regular salary reviews and clear career pathways. Implementing these initiatives is highly beneficial for companies, as staff who are happy in their role enjoy higher levels of engagement, they tend to more productive and are more likely to stay with the organisation,” concluded Megan Alexander.

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