Skilling for a job-rich growth: how can HR services help?

For episode 5 of World Views on the World of Work, Tom Hadley discusses with private employment services industry experts from Spain, Argentina and South Afric). They start the conversation sharing about the current labour market challenges they see in their respective countries, then dive into the issue of skilling for a job-rich growth. Guests also reflect on how businesses are coping with the new world of work and it is affecting the services that the HR services sector can offer.


  • Marta Lucas, Policy Advisor, ASEMPLEO (Spain)
  • Luis Guastini, President, CAPE (Argentina)
  • Jonathan Goldberg, Board member, APSO (South Africa)
  • Bev Jack, Board member, APSO (South Africa)
  • Jacqui Ford, CEO, APSO (South Africa)

“World Views on the World of Work” is a podcast created by the World Employment Confederation to fuel the global debate on the post-Covid world of work. New episodes are released monthly and are available on usual podcast platforms.

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