The new normal: what role for HR services sector in workers’ well-being?

This fourth episode brings together industry experts from Denmark, Brazil and Canada. Guests take stock of the “New Normal” and what it means for workers and businesses. They look ahead at the role for the HR services industry and how they can add value in this new context, for instance on skilling for the new jobs that are emerging. The podcast guests finally touch upon the topic of well being and how the mental health agenda is more than ever at the forefront on the minds of labour market experts.


  • Jakob Tietge, Head of Business Services, Dansk Erhverv (Denmark)
  • Ted Maksimowski, President, ACSESS (Canada)
  • Fernando Calvet, Vice-President, FENASERHTT (Brazil)

“World Views on the World of Work” is a podcast created by the World Employment Confederation to fuel the global debate on the post-Covid world of work. New episodes are released monthly and are available on usual podcast platforms.

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