Strategic role for HR services: examples from staffing and career management

In episode 3 of World Views on the World of Work, you’ll hear about some of the emerging trends and challenges and what they mean for the HR services industry. In particular, guests discuss the evolving perception of work by individuals and how it leads them and organisations to seek more strategic advice for HR services experts. They will also share concrete examples from both the staffing and career management segments of the industry and will also touch upon the difference that the sector can make on inclusion and equality.


  • Richard Wahlquist, CEO, American Staffing Association (United States)
  • Martina Elfgren Lilja, General Legal Counsel, Kompetensföretagen (Sweden)
  • Dan Davenport, CEO, RiseSmart
  • Murielle Antille, SVP Government & Industry Affairs, Lee Hecht Harrison

“World Views on the World of Work” is a podcast created by the World Employment Confederation to fuel the global debate on the post-Covid world of work. New episodes are released monthly and are available on usual podcast platforms.

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