Statement from FCSA

In response to research published by IR35 Shield via on 8 October 2020*

The FCSA and its members are concerned about any unintended consequences of IR35 reform legislative changes. Specifically in respect to the broader definition of an ‘intermediary’ in the contractor supply chain.

The FCSA, through its Chair, Chris James, has and does act as an expert member of the HMRC IR35 Forum, helping to shape HMRC’s thinking around these areas.


As a result, HMRC has invited the FCSA to a meeting on Wednesday 14 October to discuss this precise point.

HMRC has already indicated to FCSA that the threat to umbrella companies, as referred to in today’s press, is not a consequence that they support and are keen to take action to ensure this does not happen.

The FCSA will continue to engage with HMRC to ensure that clarity is sought for its members and their supply chain partners.

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