White paper highlights insurance for contractors

Sure and Insured

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is advising recruiters to implement procedures to ensure that contractors have the correct insurance cover in place to mitigate against reputational risk and gain competitive advance. The recommendation is outlined in the trade association’s latest white paper: Contractor Insurance: The hidden risk in the recruitment supply chain – which has been produced in conjunction with Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance. The report outlines how 55 per cent of contractors who are contractually required to hold insurance do not have cover in place and offers advice around how consultancies can fulfil their duty of care to ensure contractors are well-informed.

“There is a growing emphasis on supply chains across Government – and contractor insurance is part of that,’ explains Ann Swain, chief executive of APSCo. “By putting in place robust processes – such as implementing a barrier to placement and ensuring due diligence during a placement – recruiters can not only demonstrate compliance, but also ultimately protect themselves at a time when end clients are increasingly inserting clauses into terms specifying liability for the actions of contractors.

“However, while contractor clauses are becoming more commonplace, the reality is that even if a recruiter is confident that they don’t have contractual liability for the contractor’s work, they will often feel obliged to step in and offer a rebate in order to protect their reputation and long-term relationship,” she adds.

“History teaches us that recruitment firms which adopt a more compliance-orientated approach are likely to be rewarded with commercial benefits that will protect their brand and improve long-term competitiveness.”

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