Demand across boards chartered through data analysis.

Simply insight.

Simply Jobs Boards, a group of niche job sites, has released its annual jobseeker report for 2019, producing findings around professionals in the aviation, automotive, law, sales and marketing industries. The report looked at 1,000,000 jobs advertised over the last two years. It also crunched over £11.6 billion worth of salary data.

The research includes data on salary, gender, age range, category profiles, job hotpoints and top growth areas. The figures contributed derive from the top five job sites which operate under Simply Jobs Boards, including Aviation Job Search, InAutomotive, Simply Law Jobs, Simply Marketing Jobs and Simply Sales Jobs.

Key findings in particular reveal how male oriented the aviation industry is, as it was in 2018, and how the demand for technicians and mechanics in the automotive industry has contributed to a surge in the average salary being offered for the role YoY. This is also similar for pilot roles in the aviation industry, and partner roles in the legal industry.

The report also looks into the challenges each of the industries in question is facing, surrounding Brexit, talent shortages and high turnover.

“After the feedback we received last year on the report I’m really pleased we could produce this for a second year in a row,” CEO of Simply Jobs Boards Ian Partington said: “It gives an outline of the industries in question with regards to recruitment and is a valuable resource to aid a hiring professional’s recruitment efforts.

“The report also highlights the demand for specific categories at present, including pilots, engineers, mechanics, technicians, solicitors and partners. We see a trend throughout of increasingly more jobs being advertised and higher salaries offered for these roles in particular.”

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