English Boys golfing champion gets support from recruiters.

PRS mentors young golfer.

PRS are sponsoring of Ben Partridge, a 17 year old young golf pro from Leatherhead who has been playing golf since the age of three. Following a succession of nationwide competitions, Ben Partridge won the English Boys Championship recently, competing against other leading young golfers from across the UK. 

“By having sponsorship from PRS, it means that I am able to practice for longer and not have to do weekend or evening work to supplement my coaching,” said Ben. “Apart from college, I commit all of my time to golf and it’s a relief to have such motivational sponsors. Golf is highly competitive and seeing my peers play better than me in certain competitions makes me work even harder to achieve my goals I’ve set myself for the season.”

With young people under pressure from social media and having their lives under the spotlight, PRS are on a mission to tackle confidence issues by giving young apprentices opportunities to start their recruitment career with PRS and in turn boost their confidence, under the guidance of their expert training and wellbeing team.

Ben continues: “Over the past few years I have learnt never to give up, when I’ve had a bad round or a couple of rounds, I now practice smarter. I know now that poor performances have led to poor practicing and not working on the correct things to make my game better.

PRS director Richard Snarey said: “Our aim is to help to boost Ben’s confidence. By taking some of the monitory worries away from him he is able to pursue his dream and become a professional golfer. Similar to the training and development of our own people at PRS, we ensure everyone has the tools they need to reach their goals and be as successful as they can, for themselves and their families.”

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