Exploring the importance of good work during a crisis with Matthew Taylor


“You’ve got to crack down on bad practice.”

A crisis is no excuse to lose sight of standards and compliance. Interim Director of Labour Market Enforcement Matthew Taylor joined our latest podcast to discuss his work, the role of compliance in the labour market and what firms need to do to step up and make good work happen. You’ll hear about:

  • What ‘good’ looks like for a firm operating in this new world
  • The role of regulators in making good work happen
  • Factors obstructing the proper enforcement of compliance
  • Advice for recruitment leaders on getting it right with good work and compliance

Key quotes/takeaways:

“If you cut off a supply of labour that employers need, the danger is they’ll find that labour whatever means necessary, and that can open the door to unscrupulous labour providers.”

“There will be more people who are desperate to work on whatever terms and there will be more businesses who are willing to cut corners in order to survive.”


Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), @RSAMatthew @theRSAorg

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