Financial wellbeing tech provider undergoes brand refresh.

Hastee change.

Hastee, the workplace financial wellbeing technology provider formerly known as Hastee Pay, has undergone a brand refresh to support its continued growth. Now simply known as Hastee, the company’s new identity which includes contemporary branding and a fully redesigned website, will help it in its mission to increase financial wellbeing and workplace productivity.

Hastee’s smartphone app enables workers to access a portion of their earned pay immediately, increasing their financial freedom and improving their wellbeing. Employers benefit from the improved productivity, engagement, recruitment and retention of their workforces at zero cost to the business and with no impact on cashflow.

Hastee’s clients range from some of the largest enterprises in the UK that work in a variety of sectors. The company also recently launched the 2019 edition of its annual Workplace Wellbeing Study which revealed that 82 per cent of workers use high cost credit between pay days; less than a quarter of workers are able to budget and live within their means; and 53 per cent of workers believe employers have a responsibility to offer financial support.

“We’re excited and proud to reveal our revitalised brand identity,” said Hastee CEO James Herbert. “This brand refresh comes at a time of significant growth for us, having recently signed up a diverse variety of clients across a range of sectors and will support our continued development. We’re here to help employers realise the importance of financial wellbeing in an age where pay cycles don’t really fit with the on-demand lifestyles workers are now living.”

“In 2019, everything from entertainment to shopping and meals are available on-demand, but earned pay is not. Workers still have to endure traditionally rigid pay cycles. Hastee helps businesses become destination employers by providing on-demand pay as a workplace benefit. In turn employers get better engagement and productivity with no financial impact on the business or its cashflow.”

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