Gattaca CEO on the future of local and international recruitment


With the Brexit deadline looming large, what is your game plan for survival? Thinking international is a great starting point, and there are plenty of success stories in the recruitment fraternity where you can gather inspiration from. One such example is Gattaca, an international recruitment business with more than 800 staff across the world. Hear Gattaca’s CEO Kevin Freeguard share his advice and business lessons on how you can plan your future including:

  • Gattaca’s outlook on sectoral shifts during the crisis
  • Tips for future workforce planning to meet client needs
  • Impact of remote working on business performance
  • Lessons and trends from Gattaca’s international business
  • Advice on building international recruitment firms

Key quotes/takeaways:

“Companies are looking at the need for flexibility with their talent requirements going forward.” Kevin

“Clients want companies that really understand the market, understand the skills, can provide them with the talent they need when they need it – high-standard consistent delivery is absolutely critical.” Kevin

“Talent is global. We need to make sure as a country in the UK, we have access to and can provide talent services seamlessly.”


  • Kevin Freeguard, Chief Executive Officer, @GattacaCareers

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