Hong Kong fintech sector on course for increasing skills gap.

Searching for talent.

An industry survey carried out by Michael Page Hong Kong has found 95 per cent of respondents believe Hong Kong is in need of finch talent. According to Natalie Lau, Managing Consultant of Michael Page Hong Kong, the finch ecosystem in the city will grow significant in the next three years placing further stress on talent and skill resources. 

The growth, says Lau: “will be spurred by initiatives from Hong Kong’s regulators ramping up efforts to attract fintech investments into the region.” She continues: “With this growth, we will see a large and sustained increase in demand for talent. This is good news for professionals in the region, but has the potential to create a large talent gap, as there is currently a talent shortage within fintech in Hong Kong that is set to increase as the industry grows.”

The survey also shed light on the candidate side of the equation, finding that  they are most after clear career path at 24 per cent, with 23 per cent citing technological capabilities and future adoption as affecting their employment decision and 19 per cent citing company culture fit. Perhaps unsurprisingly 34 per cent of those surveyed say that they expect their salary to rise between 12–20 per cent when securing a new role.

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