Jobs advertised falls significantly in October.

SEEK’s state of the nation.

The latest SEEK Employment Report has shown a decline of 7.8 per cent in jobs advertised (y/y to October 2019). Community services & development (16.7 per cent) led as the sector with the highest job ad growth for October 2019 (vs. October 2018), followed by healthcare & medical (5.6 per cent) and education & training (5.6 per cent).

“Frontline social services continue to make the greatest contribution to job ad growth across Australia with healthcare, community services and education & training the top-performing sectors,” observed Kendra Banks, managing director, SEEK ANZ. “In healthcare there is a strong demand for aged care nurses; across the community services sector, there is a great demand for aged & disability support workers. Secondary school teachers remain in high demand.

“As in previous years ahead of the summer season, we see hiring activity for casual and vacation positions up compared to other months,” she continued. “Encouragingly, year on year these roles are up six per cent, with most of this growth coming from the hospitality and tourism sector.”

Indeed, the hospitality and tourism sector continues to offer many opportunities. In October there were more than 11,000 jobs advertised, representing the greatest number SEEK has ever seen. This includes a broad range of jobs available from tour guides to waitstaff, to guest services and travel agents. It appears that employers are preparing for the summer months as Australians make the most of the holiday season.

In terms of salary, the average advertised salary across Australia was up 2.0 per cent compared to last year (y/y to October 2019) at an average of $88,614. Salaries grew across every state and territory, apart from Northern Territory (down 0.8 per cent y/y to October 2019). South Australia came in at number one in terms of growth, with an average salary of $82,777 (up 3.6 per cent) followed by Queensland, at $85,921 (up 2.8 per cent y/y to October 2019).

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