New initiative for assessments from Peter Saville

10x Psychology Launched

Peter Saville, one of the UK’s leading authorities on psychometric assessments, has launched 10x Psychology. The company provides modern assessment tools, predictive analytics and innovative solutions, spanning the entire employee lifecycle from hiring and leadership to employee wellbeing.

10x Psychology goes beyond core psychometrics like ability and personality to encompass areas including wellbeing, the employee experience and values. As such, the company not only gives businesses the ability to predict the probability of each applicant/employee’s success, but also helps to identify where in the business the individual will be most successful and how to sustain their performance over time.

By focusing on each employer’s specific goals, 10x Psychology helps businesses get the best out of every individual – which means better outcomes for the entire team. The company’s advanced predictive analytics can even show employers a new recruit’s likelihood of successful performance, how their staff will develop over time, as well as their main drivers for success.

The wide range of solutions available from 10x Psychology can also be used to identify the effectiveness of various wellness strategies in different types of people. Businesses can then use this data to identify teams or individuals at risk of burn-out, inform key interventions that will help individuals to cope with work pressures more effectively, and even encourage them to take greater responsibility for their personal health and wellbeing.

Whether they choose a single test package or an entire suite of solutions, taking a long-term approach to employee performance will ensure that businesses have a clear strategy in place for recruitment, staff development and the wellness of its entire team.

“10x Psychology blends the most advanced psychometric science with the power of big data and machine learning to help businesses attract, retain, develop and progress the best employees,” says Saville.

Understanding employees’ individual drivers and character traits is a key part of making sure a business is a success. HR departments therefore need the ability to look beyond initial aptitude tests in order to produce a long-term strategy for the business.

I am thrilled to have assembled a world-class 10x team that will help businesses to achieve that goal, whilst also taking our company, and our industry, forward.”

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