PowerPoint test added to ISV roster.

Testing Power

To complete their range of Microsoft Office 2016 tests, ISV Software has launched new recruitment tests covering PowerPoint 2016 to add to the existing library. The tests are available now, so recruiters and HR teams who are already using ISV Online can make immediate use of them. 

There are four new tests in total covering different aspects of using PowerPoint 2016. Those using ISV Online will see them appear in the usual list of tests. Recruiters on FastPath or those who have yet to try ISV’s candidate testing platform, can contact the team for free trial. 

The PowerPoint 2016 tests complement the existing range of Office 2016 tests for Word, Excel and Outlook. 

There are four PowerPoint tests to choose from, they are:

  • General Understanding – questions include opening and saving presentations, creating new slides, adding content including basic shapes, images and tables.
  • Inserting and Formatting Content – covering working with hyperlinks, font formatting, working with charts, tables and SmartArt.
  • Reviewing and Presenting – working with slide transitions and animations, accessibility options, privacy and protection, and reviewing and printing your presentation.
  • Slide Management – using themes, working with the Slide Master, working with and comparing multiple presentations, and layout and placeholders.

The Microsoft Office suite of programs are used in offices and homes globally. However, it is often taken for granted that people know how to use each program efficiently. The PowerPoint tests are perfect to use to gain a better understanding of knowledge and capability when working on presentations. The PowerPoint tests are ideal for recruitment or benchmarking existing colleagues to identify training gaps.

The existing library of Microsoft Office tests covering four tests each for Word and Excel, and three tests covering working with Outlook.

Recruiters can mix and match the new PowerPoint tests with ISV’s existing range of Word, Excel or Outlook tests, as well as recruitment tests on transferable skills like literacy and numeracy.

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