Recruiters are a talented bunch

Take it Further

Every time they fill vacancy, they haven’t just made one sale, they’ve made two. The first sale is to the client, and the second is of course to the candidate. That’s why recruiters are considered the best salespeople around because they’re always selling to two people. Not only that, but recruitment is not like selling cars or electricals, it is selling people and selling careers, and all the complexity that brings.

It is a challenging job and a skilled job, and that’s why in recruitment the rewards can be so high because getting it right is so valuable to both the client and the candidate.

But for talented recruiters working for a steady salary, the rewards they actually see from their efforts and talent are usually nowhere near the value they are generating for their agencies.

And that’s why many recruiters who have at least a few years’ experience and a track record of success in their job, want to take control of their career and their earnings. There won’t be many that haven’t thought about how they could run their own recruitment business. There will be nearly as many who think it is out of reach – an impossible dream.

But it isn’t.

The Recruit Venture Group was established precisely in the knowledge that there are hugely talented recruiters out there who could easily make the jump to starting their own enterprise.

The Recruit Venture Group’s unique joint venture model makes that possible. It puts up 100 per cent of the finance needed for launch, takes care of the costly and distracting back office functions like IT, payroll, credit control, accounts and HR and also provides mentoring and guidance from a team with decades of experience in recruitment.

That means the recruitment professional partnering with The Recruit Venture Group is allowed to get out into the marketplace and start generating the revenues from day one. The Recruit Venture Group already supports 46 such businesses, and another three have been launched within the last few months.

This is not a franchise – these are individual businesses, with individual brands, and founded on the energy and vision of the recruitment professional who has made the leap to being an entrepreneur.

Paul Mizen, managing director of The Recruit Venture Group, said: “Good recruiters are already very talented people because they are always managing the complex and sometimes competing interests of both client and candidate.

“Many driven and determined professionals are also treating their salaried jobs as if they are their own businesses. They are always thinking about how to grow their own desks, hit the next target and expand what they are doing.

“So it’s the talent mixed with the right working attitude that means the recruiters we have helped start their own enterprise find the transition very natural. Our model means those recruiters are also able to simply get on with building networks of clients and candidates from day one, meaning no time is wasted in generating those first revenues.”

If you want to see how far your talents can take you, speak to The Recruit Venture Group today, go to for more details.

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