Recruitment 4.0 – Summit announces keynote speaker

Digital Lead will give insight into recruiter’s future

George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead at Willis Towers Watson is set to deliver the keynote presentation at The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit, Recruitment 4.0 on March 4th 2020. The presentation will provide recruiters with a unique insight into trends within the workplace and how HR is responding to this, enabling them to prepare and hone their own services for the future.

The summit is free for recruiters to attend and you can register at:

Responsible for innovation and advisory services on the impact of automation in business organisation and culture, Zarkadakis has over 25 years’ experience in management consulting, communications and digital strategy. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and is the author of ‘In Our Own Image: will Artificial Intelligence Save Us or Destroy Us?’ His presence at the Summit will give attendees the perfect chance to understand what the world of work could be like in the future and therefore to recognise what they need to do not just to be relevant but to thrive in the coming world of work.

Drawing on his company’s recent report HR 4.0: Shaping People Strategies, Zarkadakis will give recruiters a privileged view of the future world of work, the possibilities and challenges, and where the recruitment function, recruitment businesses and recruiters themselves can fit into this.

Given the up to date report on which this presentation is based and Zarkadarkis’ own personal insight into this area, this keynote will offer critical information to attendees at a crucial time in the recruitment industry.

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