RoboRecruiter extends engagement ecosystem with automated referrals via SMS.

Making links.

Good people know good people. No wonder the majority of employment opportunities get filled by referrals long before getting to market. 

The challenge of referral schemes.

Today staffing businesses coach their consultants to ask their placements who they know could do the same job – there’s extra placement fees to be generated by asking this question. At the same time companies themselves have offered generous referral bonus schemes upon successful hire of a star performer’s friend… But it’s all so manual and sub-optimally broken. 

With so many moving parts, how can the referral process be more transparent, quality controlled and able to scale efficiently? 


Automated referrals at massive scale.


“Yes! We’ve cracked the code by unlocking the value of our placements’ referrals every time. All our consultants always ask the question and follow up in a frictionless way to drive bonus Gross Profit for us at scale!” – No one, ever.


Imagine it. You’re hired or placed into a new job so you’re the best person to recommend others as a peak promoter. You get an SMS. You open it (80 per cent of all response is within 12hrs). It congratulates you and asks you to respond with the name and mobile number of someone you can refer for a similar job. That person gets an SMS quoting your referral. They’re flattered. They click and it opens an automated conversation which qualifies them for the role(s) by capturing their current position, availability, location, skills and salary. They’re even scheduled for an interview automatically with a consultant. They get the job. The consultant gets at least another (bonus) fee from the original placement. 

All automated by RoboRecruiter using just eight SMSs, as part of their pioneering Candidate Activation as a Service (CAaaS) Engagement Ecosystem. 

This is happening today. For some of the orld’s most pioneering recruitment consultancies and direct talent acquisition teams around the world. At massive scale. 

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