New feature speeds application process for some jobs on CV-Library.

Applied now.

CV-Library has launched a new feature set to benefit its users. Quick Apply enables recruiters to specify when a CV isn’t needed to apply for certain jobs, making it easier for candidates to apply for these roles. With this feature, CV-Library clients can continue to post their jobs as normal, but will now have the option to specify if a CV isn’t mandatory in order to apply.

The update follows a recent study from CV-Library which reveals that four in 10 (40 per cent) recruiters would accept a short profile application over a CV. Alongside this, a staggering 85.2 per cent of recruiters believing that lengthy application forms are no longer relevant.

“The main benefit of this update is that it’s useful to both recruiters and candidates; particularly in industries where it’s not always common to have a CV,’ said Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library. “By giving recruiters the option to encourage simple profile applications, we’re also making it easier for candidates to apply for said roles, which is particularly handy given that most job hunters search and apply for work on their mobile.

“One important point to note here is that we will always follow-up with candidates and encourage them to upload their full CV,” he added. “While there’s plenty of chatter in the market on whether CVs are still relevant or not, we firmly believe they are and have research to back this up.”

In fact, CV-Library’s study also asked recruiters what they think works best when it comes to capturing applications, with 66 per cent of recruiters stating that a CV and cover letter are most effective, followed by allowing candidates to apply with a short profile (23.4 per cent). Interestingly, only one in 10 (10.5 per cent) said asking candidates to fill in an application form.

Biggins concludes: “The recruitment market is constantly changing and it’s extremely important for us to keep on top of the latest trends and truly understand what our clients and candidates want from the hiring process. This update is just one of the many exciting projects we’ve been working on and we’re excited to see the results.”

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