Roland Pavamani, chief mentor, Roljobs Technology Services Pvt Ltd on the creation of his business.

Remote Recruiter

Q: How and when did your business start? What was the initial opportunity you saw and how did you deliver?


A: I started my business in 2002 right out of my home with two employees. I never planned to get into recruitment, it just happened. I was an Aeronautical engineer by education. I had never done recruitment in my previous jobs. When I started, I tied up with a few recruitment companies and concentrated only on candidate delivery. Marketing was not my strongest suit. After an initial few years working with recruitment agencies as a delivery partner, we started our own client base. Our initial clients included Yahoo! India and Dell R&D to name a few.


Q: I understand you work on an international basis. How does that work in practice? What countries do you work with and how do you find talent/clients internationally?


A: In practice, we search for suitable candidates locally. We do not send people from India to fulfil these requirements. When somebody approaches us with a requirement, we meet them halfway by hunting down candidates and going through with the initial screening. Our partners and clients overseas facilitate the onboarding process. Our main methodology is social media evidence based recruitment. That means we do not rely on job portals to find candidates. We also have an internal software team building exclusive recruitment tools so that our recruiters have an easier time narrowing down onto the right candidate without compromising on speed. Right now we have closed positions in the US, Middle East, South Africa, and Australia. 

Q: How does an Indian company manage to serve the US market?

A: Right from the onset when we receive a requirement we do not compromise on quality. We are straightforward and maintain our integrity throughout the whole process. Our recruitment methodology is completely unique and it is always evolving and adapting as per what is required. We do not take any shortcuts when it comes to delivery. The lessons acquired during our 16 years in the business have definitely complimented our practice. Our social evidence based recruitment methodology helps us in this regard.


Q: What capabilities do you need to develop for delivering the services? What skills, networks, and processes are in place to ensure each hire is successful both compliance wise and in terms of the talent in demand?

A: Capabilities that are proven useful in any service based industry would have to be good networking strategies, prior industry knowledge, keeping oneself updated consistently with the latest recruitment trends and sourcing strategies. Expanding your skill set by delivering to different geographical locations and domains. A good relationship and rapport with clients, business partners and candidates definitely provide more insight and opportunity with regard to potential business and what candidates are always looking out for.

In order to deliver a successful hire we make sure our part of the process is well oiled and efficient, that way we won’t compromise on speed and quality. Hiring mistakes are bound to happen if certain processes are underfilled. We focus on concentrating on requirements that call for talent which is in high demand in the job market. We have a dedicated team who are continuously researching and updating their knowledge of various domains. Their inputs are circulated among our recruiters so if need be, they can receive bonus information to aid them in their sourcing. 


We are also currently working on an improved pre-hire quality assessment. Quality of hires are only effective as our assessment methods to select high caliber candidates. Client/Candidate feedback also keeps us revising our initial screening. When it comes to compliance, the regulations are mostly standard practice in India with minor differences here and there. 

Q: What are the major challenges and obstacles you need to overcome and how do you deal with them?


A: A major challenge for us is probably the time zone differences. We don’t have any offices overseas to help overcome this situation, yet we try to deliver despite these differences. Competition in India is also gaining momentum. A lot of candidates we approach overseas are also reluctant to deal with recruiters operating here in India and we are experiencing recruiter attrition at the moment. We overcome this by taking on more young recruiters who are completely new to this field and train and mould them and help them adapt to the ever changing tide of recruitment.

Q: What will be the future for your company, what plans do you have for the next few years?

A: My vision for the future includes scaling and perfecting our recruitment tools to make it easier on our recruiters. Explore more markets apart from the ones we have established relationships with and always fine tune the training we impart to young recruiters.

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