TRN World launches globally

Around the World

The Recruitment Network has launched an inclusive global platform for recruitment professionals.

TRN World is an online platform created by The Recruitment Network and designed to be the inclusive space for recruitment professionals to develop and network as part of a global community. Created to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for success, TRN World is constantly growing to deliver the very best expert-led content for users.

The platform was created to allow business leaders to become a part of an inclusive community, regardless of location. When combined with the ability to invite consultants to join the platform and develop, it becomes an incredibly powerful tool for training and development. Whether a recruitment professional is searching for an answer to a business problem in the forum, or looking for some inspiration in the knowledge section, TRN World is designed to be the blueprint for recruitment success.

Launching with a range of bespoke content, such as training courses The Foundations of Recruitment and Advanced Recruitment, business leaders can be confident that their consultants are receiving quality training and advice from successful industry experts. In addition to giving them access to the courses, business leaders can monitor their consultants’ progress, making it a great tool to incorporate into any recruitment business, regardless of size.

With over 120 hours of video content, hundreds of articles, guides and many templates, TRN World contains the answers for the biggest business problems in the industry. Building on the success of The Recruitment Network in the UK, TRN World utilises the power of an inclusive network, providing a unique opportunity which is unhindered by location. Users can not only learn and develop but are given the opportunity to discuss the latest industry topics in the forums and stay connected to the global recruitment events in the calendar.

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