USA expansion for Austin Fraser

Dallas Office Opens

Austin Fraser has opened a new office in Dallas, Texas in a move that anchors Austin Fraser deeper in the US market. It is the second US open-ing for the firm this year, following Denver in January. Austin Fraser launched its award-winning Austin, Texas office in 2015, and is already recognised as one of the city’s most exciting and innovative employers. Team lead, Alina Morgan, is building the new Dallas team, which will sit at five by the end of October, with further hiring plans in place.

As the fourth biggest technology market in the US, outside New York, LA and Chicago, and a concentration of established Austin Fraser clients lo-cated in the city, Dallas was the obvious choice for the business’ third US office. A flourishing start-up ecosystem of incubators, tech meet-ups alongside a strong Fortune 500 presence means significant potential for Austin Fraser, with its technology heritage. Reflecting local client needs, the team will focus on front end, DevOps, Java and .Net, expanding to open source in March.

The proximity of its Austin team also allows for deeper collaboration, en-suring networks and talent pools are harnessed for client success. As with previous locations, Austin Fraser will invest heavily in communities, creating longer-term relationships while developing an exceptional pool as well as new career opportunities internally. Alina Morgan says, “We’re ex-cited to immerse ourselves in Dallas’ thriving tech ecosystems. For us it’s about how we bring even more value to our clients and candidates, rolling out meet-ups, and investing in the tech community.”

Pete Hart comments, “It’s really important to us that we are embedded in the local community, so our approach is to adapt and integrate, while stay-ing true to our Austin Fraser DNA. We very much become part of the community and our team has a strong desire to bring another dimension as a recruitment partner in terms of quality, consistency and trust.”

In the past two years, Austin Fraser has doubled its global locations, with offices in Berlin, Denver and Dallas. Offices are scaled with home-grown talent as well as local teams. Further expansion plans in the UK, Europe and the US will be announced later this year.

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