Why your personal brand is even more important in 2020

Every recruitment professional should know why candidates need to build a strong personal brand but many fail to invest time in cultivating and maintaining their own or are simply too shy to put their views and insights out there.

Now is the time to change that

With social media users spending more time than ever online due to the coronavirus pandemic, personal branding is growing in importance as a very effective way of developing a positive reputation from the comfort of your own home (or office).

BlueSky PR’s latest ebook looks at how recruitment professionals can develop an effective personal brand using social media. It contains expert advice looking at the benefits that a strong personal brand can deliver, the key steps you should take and the mistakes you should avoid making.

How social media usage has changed since COVID-19

As mentioned above, it is no surprise that the UK government’s lockdown measures and stay at home advice has had a huge impact on social media usage for both users and recruitment firms as our connection to the world has become increasingly digital.

How COVID has impacted social media strategies

BlueSky PR’s 2020 Recruitment Marketing Survey revealed that 86% of respondents have adapted their social media strategies since March 2020.

In terms of the types of content that have been posted, fewer jobs have been shared and a
greater emphasis has been placed on posting and sharing content tailored to the sectors
recruitment firms are hiring in with both positive messaging generating engagement two key areas of focus.

The research also found that the majority of businesses have been posting more than usual to ensure clients and candidates are frequently seeing useful and relevant content in their news feeds to keep them updated and their brand front of mind.

Download the ebook to keep reading.


Via BlueSky PR

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