World Views on the World of Work: staffing experts discuss the new normal

What opportunities is the post-Covid world of work bringing for private employment services? How can the sector influence labour market policies to fully play its role in the recovery? In this first episode of the “World Views on the World of Work” podcast, experts from Ireland, India and Chile share their insights on how they expect markets to develop in the new normal.

Host & Guests

  • Geraldine King, Chief Executive, NRF (Ireland) “The opportunity is there to position the industry as a ‘knowledge hub’ for all labour market and workplace issues.”
  • Lohit Bhatia, President, ISF (India) “ Flexistaffing will be the new rule when it comes to employment across a lot of sectors and industries. So medium- to long-term, we are very optimistic.”
  • Alfred Budschitz, Managing Director, Agest (Chile) “We really funnel people into the formal labour system and that is something that is perceived more today.”

The podcast is hosted by Tom Hadley, an external advocacy and campaigns consultant and former Director of Policy & Campaigns at the REC, the professional body for the UK’s recruitment and employment industry. He is currently leading the World Employment Confederation’s ‘Alliance Task-force’ project.

A new podcast by the World Employment Confederation

‘World Views on the World of Work’ is a podcast created by the World Employment Confederation to fuel the global debate on the post-Covid world of work. It is part of the ‘big conversation’ that the organisation is having with employment experts and national recruitment federations from around the world. From Europe to South America, from Africa to Oceania, from Asia to North America, you’ll hear views on how to manage the immediate health crisis and ensure safe return to work. We will also discuss how to articulate a longer term vision for a post-Covid world of work and what role the global employment services sector can play in delivering this vision.

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