How one global staffing company took advantage of the crisis


How are client expectations changing and how can recruiters change their operations to meet them? What lessons can we learn from international businesses who used this crisis as an opportunity to innovate? We spoke to Rhona Driggs, Chief Executive Officer of global staffing specialists Empresaria Group on the key lessons they learnt during the crisis and what advice they’d give to fellow recruitment businesses. Tune in to hear about:

  • How the pandemic has affected the Empresaria Group
  • How the Empresaria’s group has tailored their approach to clients, staff and their candidates during the crisis?
  • What innovations they brought into their operations as a result of the crisis
  • Key differences the Empresaria team has noticed about international responses and its impact on their operations
  • Real-life lessons on future business planning for recruitment business owners and leaders

Key quotes/takeaways:

“We’ve accelerated our investments in technology over this time and thought about how we can take advantage of the crisis.” Rhona

“Candidate care has become much more a part or should be a greater focus in our industry.” Rhona

“A positive onboarding experience is going to be a great start to a productive relationship.” Neil


  • Rhona Driggs​, Chief Executive Officer, Empresaria Group plc @EmpresariaGroup

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