30 year veteran Malcolm McEwen takes on new Davidson role.

Specialist takes Practice Lead Role.

The Davidson Executive & Boards team in NSW has welcomed on board Malcolm McEwen, a recruiter and business specialist with more than 30 years’ experience, as practice lead. Malcolm’s appointment follows an extremely busy time for Davidson’s Executive & Boards team in NSW with five senior and key appointments within the past six months, led by Mark Sloan the state’s general manager. 

Before joining Davidson, Malcolm was partner and head of government and higher education at Amrop Carmichael Fisher where he worked for 13 years. Malcolm, who started in executive recruitment in 1986, also spent 12 years as the Director of Autism Spectrum Australia (2004-2016) and was Associate Director at KPMG for seven years until 2006.

“What appeals to me about recruitment is learning about different organisations,” Malcolm explained of his career choice. “Finding out what they do and who they hire and then working in partnership with senior leaders to provide strong leadership and strategic direction for their organisation is exciting and fulfilling.

“As recruiters, we are influencing organisations and have some part in their potential success or failure. It is incredible, through my role, to be able to help people achieve their career ambitions and realise growth and success,” he added. “I work with organisations during transformative periods and this is of particular interest to me because it means being open to new ways of doing things and being on the cutting edge of change management.”

Malcolm, who will have a primary focus at Davidson on sourcing talent for the public sector across NSW and the ACT, said in many ways, recruiters and clients face the same challenges and opportunities moving into the future. “Both companies and recruiters need to be ahead of the curve in understanding and predicting changes in the employment landscape,” he said. “Many companies are aware that future profits will come from services they do not yet provide.

“At Davidson, we see this challenge as an exciting opportunity we are already embracing. Davidson is a values-based organisation and has a consulting arm that allows me to offer my clients a range of strategies to assist them in mapping their employee experience and offering solutions to achieve a more engaged and agile workforce.”

Mark Sloan, NSW general manager of Davidson Executive & Boards said the addition of Malcolm to the NSW team was quite a coup for the company. “We are very pleased to welcome Malcolm to the team because he brings a wealth of experience working across a broad range of fields in senior leadership positions,” Sloan said. “That experience and knowledge is invaluable to us as an organisation, to our staff who will have the opportunity to learn from and work with Malcolm, and to our clients who will be afforded the benefit of his expertise.

“Our NSW Executive & Boards division is growing quickly because of increased client demand. This has seen the development of a number of initiatives including our new Interim Executive Search team,” Sloan added. “We are finding our progressive approach is reaping dividends in who we are attracting as both staff and clients.”

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