46 per cent of women pushed to work outside of their contracted hours.

Working time pressure.

Statistics from business communications company Fuze has found that women value flexible working even more than men, with 81 per cent of women wishing to work more flexibly in their company and a significant majority (96 per cent) saying that work-life balance is important. Despite this, almost half of women (46 per cent) feel under pressure from their companies to work outside of normal office hours and more than a third (35 per cent) would go so far as to give up a bonus in exchange for greater flexible working opportunities.

“Our research highlights the value that women place on a work/life balance, but there is a stark contrast with the reality of the modern workplace,” says Lisa Walker, VP of brand and corporate marketing at Fuze. “Every worker has individual needs and working styles and it’s important that businesses create working practices and cultures that allow any worker to thrive.”

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