58 per cent of employees say manager does not help them advance career. 

Getting on with your boss.

The relationship between manager and employee can be one of the most important elements of career growth, but according to new research conducted by Korn Ferry, a majority of employees (58 per cent) feel their manager does not help them further their career, with only 12 per cent believing they have actually ‘learnt from their boss’.

The research also revealed that more than half (56 per cent) said their manager provides little or no motivation for them, while 48 per cent said that their manager takes credit for their work, suggesting a major disconnect in the manager-employee dynamic for many people.

Despite this criticism, employees realise that the work of a manager is not easy, and a majority would not want to trade places with them. Although 40 per cent of respondents believe they could do their manager’s job better, only 32 per cent would agree to take over their position.

Korn Ferry research shows that managers have a huge impact on the satisfaction of employees that again has a positive impact of an organisation’s financial performance. Companies where employees scored highly on engagement saw double sales growth during a five year period than those with low engagement scores.

“The reality is many bosses struggle to find the time to focus on the career development of their people,” said Kate Wilson, head of leadership development UK at Korn Ferry. “Getting this right means three things: selecting people for management roles that are motivated to work with and through others, providing them with the support to have great career conversations and aligning rewards and incentives for managers that focus them on this activity.”

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