Acorn launches new social housing division.

Recruiter supports construction CSR.

Increasing demand from construction sector clients has led Acorn to create a new specialist social housing division. The company will help address the growing staffing needs across the sector and by working in partnership with housing associations directly, help to support communities across Wales and the South West of England. The UK recruiter will work to open up new opportunities for those living and working in the sector – which will be headed up by social housing recruitment specialist Jack Williams.

“Here at Acorn we’re fully aware of the how closely housing associations engage with their tenants and communities, and in looking to support them further with this, we aim to add value in a number of ways; as well as helping them recruit the best people,” said Jack. “Our aim ultimately is to support the social housing sector to support itself – it’s about not only helping out at a business level but also on a social level too.”

A niche but vibrant market, it has been well documented that there is a candidate shortage within the social housing development sector, with skills and leadership identified as limiting factors to achieving overall recruitment targets. By contrast, a target of 75,000 affordable homes are to be regenerated or developed in Wales by 2036 amid reports which suggest housing and homelessness are both coming into the top five priorities for development regionally.

Acorn will be looking to collaborate closely with housing associations not only with recruitment solutions, but also to provide help and support to their tenants looking to get into work, such as advising on employability skills, CV seminars, through to signposting towards one of its own construction training initiatives.

Jack added: “There will be real opportunities for those within the sector as job-seeking tenants; for example, for women keen to follow a career in construction or indeed for anyone else simply keen to develop and progress within the field.

“The team at Acorn has a very different way of recruiting,” he continued. “They are far more interested in their social responsibilities and the opportunities they can create in a way that I have not experienced before, and I’m truly thrilled to be joining Acorn at the start of this exciting development.”

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