Adecco leader give views following ILO meeting.

Future Thinking

Alain Dehaze, Adecco Group CEO and member of the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work has reported back from the 4th meeting of the organisation. “The 4th meeting of the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work was the last gathering of the Commission Members from across the business and policy landscape tasked with examining the challenges that lie ahead in the world of work and identifying credible, effective solutions,” he said. “We touched on all the key issues, and I am particularly pleased with the urgency given to tackling the growing skills imbalances around the world in an era of rapid and constant technological change.”

According to Dhaze there is an alarming lack of policy or business structures for the re- and up-skilling of workers at a time when candidates with the right skills and talent are already very scarce. “Collectively, it is time to act,” he says. “Technology is transforming the labour landscape – two-thirds of respondents to a new Adecco Group/BCG report said they see their job changing significantly at least every five years because of technological advances.”

Dehaze believes than unless education and social protection systems are upgraded the world risks sleep walking into a future of work where a whole generation of workers lacks the right skills or the opportunity to adapt to change. “One solution to make the future work for everyone would be the creation of individual, transferable life-long learning accounts that can be topped up throughout the work/life cycle and fund training in new skills as our economies change.”

Alain Dehaze represents the world’s leading HR solutions partner and the wider business community in the Commission’s efforts to offer policy recommendations that will make the future work for everyone.

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