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The Global Recruiter’s Annual Technology special returns with a clear emphasis on cutting edge technology. As the industry moves on from the challenge of GDPR it is starting to eye some serious new tech – chatbots, AI and blockchain have all been circling the sector and are beginning to gain traction.

But even with these headline grabbing pieces, the emphasis has to remain on finding and installing effective technology, platforms, programmes and devices that actually do a good job for recruiters. CRM and ATS technology are still the backbone of good recruitment, indeed for some they will deliver more value than any number of online platforms. Technology-led communications are also critical for recruiters, but every company needs to understand what the potential is for these technologies and how they could work for their companies.

No matter what the nature of the recruitment business, with the right technology on board, efficiencies can be made and administration tasks lowered to enable recruiters to give a more valuable service all round.

In this special publication, experts and end users explain how technology can help and deliver for the industry. Including new findings from a user’s survey, recruiters can use this publication to understand the technology market before them and make better choices about their current and future investments.

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