Candidate.ID launches free CRM.

Package offered to industry.

Candidate.ID, Glasgow-based ‘global recruitment technology start-up of the year 2019’, has launched a free Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform. The free CRM tracks candidate interactions, including email opens, link clicks and activity on the careers site. It also notifies recruiters when candidates undertake meaningful activity, such as reviewing job descriptions.

Aimed at international employers, the free CRM offers a limited number of candidate records, unlike the full Candidate.ID product, which enables sophisticated automated candidate nurture campaigns and unlimited candidate records.

“This is the first free recruitment CRM for the industry,” said Adam Gordon, CEO and co-founder ofCandidate.ID. “With technology and AI moving at such a tremendous pace, we see the future of recruitment very much in the talent pipeline approach. However, we realise that for some organisations a CRM tool in the short-term is just what they need. Our free recruitment CRM will help these firms manage their activity more strategically, and by integrating calendar and email, those that use the CRM will live within the Candidate.ID environment.

“We hope that by launching this model and giving users access to the Candidate.ID ecosystem we can showcase the benefits of using talent pipeline software to source more relevant applicants, faster,” he said.

Recruiters can access the free CRM via

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