Digital platform aims to enhance recruiters’ work

Streamlining Recruitment

Another digital recruitment service has launched with claims that it will provide employers with a streamline solution to hiring without the need for recruitment fees. Harness has been designed with time-short employers and recruitment agencies in mind, allowing hiring companies to view pro-spective candidates on one simple and easy to use platform, removing the need for cold calls, meetings and chasing candidates.

Working with recruitment specialists, Harness allows them to upload their candidate’s details, which will then be accepted or rejected by Harness based on their suitability. The smart platform combines human knowledge and scientific algorithms to match a candidate’s suitability to any given role within the technology sector, meaning only the most appropriate can-didates will appear within Harness’ database. Those looking to hire can then tailor their search by city, salary, skill set and job title. If interested, perspective employers can finally request an interview with a candidate with the click of a button.

As a result of using the service, hiring business’ not only save time but remove the need to pay recruitment fees, which are often up to 30 per cent of a candidate’s salary. The recruiter also benefits by generating in-come from candidates they are meeting anyway, and of course by offer-ing their candidates more opportunities that fit their needs.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer a practical recruitment solution, not only for employers looking to save time, but also reward recruiters for their ef-forts,” says Ben Brierley, CEO and founder. “A recruiter can often only place multiple candidates each month. Because of this, we wanted to cre-ate a solution that makes better use of their time and allows recruitment professionals to place even more successful candidates, which crucially, are the right person for the job.

“The benefits of using AI in combination with human expertise is twofold; businesses needn’t receive any calls or have to set up meetings to chat through suitable candidates,” says Brierley. “They can simply browse our database and request to interview someone. The recruiter does the rest.

“Additionally, recruitment professionals make the most of the connections they make, meaning no talent is wasted. Every week a recruiter qualifies on average 50 candidates, and yet doesn’t make money from their hard work – Harness gives the best tech recruiters a way to monetise this hard work.”

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