Five ways to reach across the skills gap according to Robert Walters.

Overcoming the talent crunch.

Robert Walters has tapped into their network, to find out how companies attract and secure the people they need. With respondents including business leaders, HR managers and tech hiring managers from forward-thinking companies across South East Asia the company also surveyed tech professionals and hiring managers to arrive at five lessons for tackling the tech talent shortage.

The five lessons:

  • Go the extra mile in your recruitment process
  • Bring the meaning back in benefits by ensuring they work for your employees
  • Remember: the whole is greater than the sum so think about your team holistically
  • Think 360° learning and develop your talented in a well-rounded manner
  • Start from the top and lead change by setting the right example

The company have created an e-guide as a result with the help of: – part of CAG group, OVO, SGX, Tencent Thailand, Tokopedia and Trusted Services. The guide can be found here:

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