GatedTalent and Friisberg & Partners International create agreement.

Working together for more talent.

An agreement between global executive search business Friisberg & Partners International and the GatedTalent platform will enable Friisberg recruiters to search the GatedTalent platform and contact individual executives on specific mandates. The firm will also have access to the unique GTMail service, a way of sending messages directly to global executives who might not normally be available or considered for opportunities.

Under the agreement, in the first month of usage, more than 10,000 senior-level executives had accepted connection requests from Friisberg & Partners International.

“We are delighted to add Friisberg & Partners International to the growing list of executive recruiters benefitting from the platform,” said Jason Starr, CEO of GatedTalent. “The more recruiters that join the service, the more executives that join. The more executives that join, the more recruiters they attract. The result is a rapid growth in member engagement – which is the key aim of a platform of this type. All this is reflected in our consistently excellent Trustpilot scores.”

Andrew Guy, Partner & Executive Committee Member of Friisberg & Partners International added: “We are increasingly asked to present international shortlists by our clients and GatedTalent has earned its exceptional reputation as a powerful research tool in this context. Whilst a number of our offices had previously trialled GatedTalent and alternative platforms, I believe that the decision of Friisberg Partners to adopt GatedTalent globally is the right one for us and for the executives with whom we are building strong and lasting relationships.”

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