India experiences growth in logistics workforce.

Driving onwards.

A report from the Indian Staffing Federation has described the logistics and transportation sector as a propeller of jobs at the ground level specifically creating opportunities in Tier II and Tier III cities. The flexi staff size in the logistics sector has grown by 57 per cent in the last three years to 0.33 million.

As per the Indian Staffing Federation, logistics and transport sector is:

– One of the top sector in the flexi staffing industry with a staff size of 0.33 million

– With 1.0 per cent of flexi staffing penetration, the logistics sector is one of the most promising employment mobiliser.

– It is one of the top-ranked in flexi staffing growth at 57 percent.

The ISF-Nielsen report estimates 15 sectors employ 90 per cent of flexi staff in India out of which 11.2 per cent are in the logistics and transport sector. Karnataka and Maharashtra are the leading states followed closely by Delhi NCR to propel the employment in the sector.

While growth is being credited to the growing e-commerce sector which is creating a direct impact, changing consumerism behaviour in the urban population of India is becoming more reliant on home deliveries; be it for grocery, food or electronics. Undeniably since last quarter, the employment of the delivery staff are witnessing a growing number.

In a consumption-driven economy, there always lies an absolute need for effectual and unswerving logistics solutions connecting every household for inclusive deliverables. The staffing industry has been the propeller to the formalisation of the sector and increasing employment opportunities.

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